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Clever mix between a conventional 3-point hitch tool combined with our high-precision spray technology.

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For 6 years now, we have been developing this technology by using on-board AVO artificial intelligence by multiplying pilot projects. For various reasons that we will develop later in this article, we have made the decision to offer an intermediate version before the commercialization of AVO.

AVO has made great progress since its early stages, requiring thousands of hours of designing, tens of thousands of code lines, and hundreds of thousands of photos. The challenge of developing cutting-edge technology compatible with nature has been completed. As a reminder, in September 2020, the results obtained enabled us to validate the mechatronics and algorithmic component. This means that the camera recognition system and the highly accurate spraying device function!

Today, the legislative framework for cameras and the time to be accepted into the AVO spray market are uncertain. So to respond to the many demands from farmers and service providers, we present you ARA, our mounted spraying system which includes many benefits for both farmers and the environment.


The Current State of Affairs

Economic situation:
For many years, costs have continued to increase, mainly in terms of expenses, while at the same time food prices have fallen, which has consequently considerably reduced farmers’ income.

This is no longer news, but biodiversity has been in decline for many years and is reaching alarming proportions. Needless to say, this element is essential for nature’s proper functioning.

Falling yields:
A drop in yields could be blamed on the ancestral risks of the farming profession. However, the statistics are clear: they are becoming more and more apparent. The reasons mentioned are climate change, soil impoverishment or even new diseases.


ARA is responding to these issues

Overall increase in income:
ARA reduces pesticide volume by 95% compared to conventional treatment. This has a major impact on the cost per hectare, taking into account the price of inputs.

Conserving biodiversity:
Reducing the volume of phytosanitary products thanks to an ultra specific spraying system enables restoration of soils’ richness, as well as reducing their presence in the environment.

Better yields:
By treating weeds selectively, this avoids having any residues in the crop, which prevents slower growth and guarantees an increase in productivity.


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ARA – Very high precision mounted sprayer


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ARA enables targeted application of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, or fertilizers by a high-precision sprayer for environmentally friendly and economical treatment of row crops, meadows and intercrops.

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Technical Data

Working width: 6 m
Transportation width: 6 m
Spray nozzles: 156
Ultra-high precision (8×3 cm pixel)
Height-adjustable spray bar (15 to 50 cm)
Up to 4 ha per hour (2m/s) Up to 96 ha per day (24 hours)
Up to 95% chemical reduction

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ARA is the first product marketed by Ecorobotix

The whole team is particularly proud of this major step because it contributes to providing cutting-edge technology that adapts to current challenges.
This comforts us in the idea that local agriculture, respectful of the environment with fair remuneration for all, is possible!

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