A greenhouse that braves the cold of winter

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Since the beginning of this year, the Agropôle of Molondin (CH) has given us the opportunity to cultivate our own crops.

M. Schacher et Aurélien Demaurex

Alain Schacher, Director of the Agropôle (on the left)

It was not an easy task, but Olivier, our Agronomist Engineer, rose to the challenge with gusto! With the help of Sansonnens Frères, a company specializing in greenhouse construction, he set up a tunnel to house our young shoots.

Olivier explains how the greenhouse works.

    Our greenhouse in Molondin in the Agropôle center.

The temperature of the greenhouse, which is maintained at 5°C, can rise to 20°C on a sunny day. Thus, Olivier has a daily ritual. Every morning, he removes the protective cloth spread over the shoots. Before the sun sets, he repositions the cloth over the crop to maintain the temperature on the ground.

Thanks to this conscientious work, we can add hundreds of images to our database during the winter.

The advantage of having a greenhouse dedicated to the study is that we can even plant weeds there!


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