Ecorobotix is growing

Currently we are located at the Y Park business and innovation center in Yverdons-les-Bains. Our team consists of 20 people and we have deployed the same amount of robots in the fields.

As the co founders Steve and Aurelien reminded us in tv program “Aujourd’hui” (aired on the 14th of July on TSR, swiss-french tv – photo above), Ecorobotix’s adventure started in Steve’s garage.

Even though we have a special connection to this beautiful countryside, the place where our first prototypes were developed and where Steve and Aurelien brainstormings occupied their evenings, we are moving the production line to a new 170 m2 space close to our headquarters. In the medium term we will also be expanding our office in order to welcome new talents to complete our team.


Robot ecoRobotix à l'atelier Grange