AVO in pilot project with Tereos, July 2020

For 4 year now, our loyal partner has been the French cooperative Tereos, an internationally renowned sugar producer with some 12,000 members. The cooperative processes 20 million tonnes of sugar beet annually, making it the second largest producer in Europe. Its agronomy department creates technical references on sustainable agriculture for its members in a process of continuous improvement.

Experts Tereos

Chevrières © Michel Blossier for Tereos

The Pilot Project

We ran the pilot on a one-hectare sugar beet field at a Tereos farm in Chevrières near Amiens in France. The weeding pilot with our robot ran for several weeks under the watchful eye of Tereos’s experts.
The aim of this pilot was to test AVO in a real-life situation. The tests validated major advances in our weed detection system and the ability of its high-pressure nozzles to reach their targets with precision.

Promising results

We learned a lot from the pilot, which demonstrated the exceptional ability of our robot. In all tests, AVO had a success rate of 80% in detecting and spraying weeds.
These results bring us a little closer to our goal: to reduce the use of herbicides by up to 20 times to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture, while respecting nature and the environment.
We would like to thank the entire Tereos team for their excellent collaboration. This partnership is making a significant contribution to our project and we are looking forward to putting AVO on the market in the near future.

video tereos

Video from Tereos