The nice days are coming and the 2021 season is starting

Last January, we announced the collaboration with our partner Bucher Landtechnik for the distribution of our products in Switzerland.

This collaboration started in February with a first meeting between our team and Bucher Landtechnik. The purpose of the day was for Bucher Landtechnik to get to understand our new technology and to familiarise themselves with ARA.

Damien, ARA product manager, and Olivier, agricultural engineer at ecoRobotix, provided the first part of the training for our partner’s team of representatives and service technicians.

The training consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: theoretical training on the technical elements of ARA and its application
Phase 2: agronomic update of the crops in Switzerland and the different issues involved
Phase 3: practical training in the field

The technical part of the training included a general overview of the machine as well as an in-depth look at the various components of ARA, including the use of the double tank, the location of the various sensors and the operation of the spray nozzles.

Secondly, the interface of the ARA control application was explained. The application is provided on a tablet and can be used directly from the tractor cab. The participants were able to browse through the various menus and become familiar with its use.

The second part of the training was devoted to deepening agronomic knowledge with an update on the pests that farmers face.

The third phase will take place in the field as soon as the first pests appear. We will discuss the use of SCBA in different types of terrain, tractor speeds and the optimisation of tank dosing and cleaning.

Bucher Landtechnik

For Sébastien Thiebaud, manager of the Mathod branch and head of ecoRobotix distribution at Bucher Landtechnik, the ultra-precise ARA sprayer meets a real need.

“As a distributor of agricultural machinery, we must be able to offer alternative solutions that meet the challenges we face.

Environmental awareness has been growing in recent years in all sectors, and agriculture is no exception. The various agricultural policy issues currently on the table in our country demonstrate this. Regardless of the outcome of the votes, the debate on the use of pesticides is alive and well and there is pressure from consumers. We are proud to be able to propose a solution and to participate in the evolution of agriculture, that is also our role.”

The first treatments with ARA will start in April, mainly for dock in grassland, followed by the rape and sugar beet season.

The production unit

The production unit is running at full speed. Behind the door of our hangar, our team is working on a complete production line. Four wheel-mounted chassis are being built to accommodate the various components, such as microprocessors, cameras, nozzles and all the equipment needed for our high-precision ARA sprayer.

Two other machines are outside the hangar, raised and coupled to a tractor, and are in the final stages, ready to be tested in the field.

Now, if you’re walking through the countryside, you might be lucky enough to see our ARA sprayer in action. By day or by night.


For any information in Switzerland, contact Sébastien THIEBAUD · 079 570 32 90 · sebastien.thiebaud@bucherlandtechnik.ch