On the way to 2019

2018, Here’s a quick summary:

We’ve successfully completed a new funding round in May. This allowed us to grow significantly. Our team has more than 20 members now.

Around 15 robots have been tested on the field, thanks to our partners in Switzerland, Netherlands, France, and Belgium. A large number of images have been collected on various crops to be used to train our algorithms. We even grow our own crops to increase the number or our image sources!

2019, a year of consolidation:

The field tests and the results that we obtained led us to work on several important improvements on our robot. A new series of tests will be run all year long to validate these changes and apply them to the final version of our robot.

We will keep you posted.
Thank you for your interest and support for our project.

We wish you a Happy New Year !

The ecoRobotix Team