Innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture

What we do

Our mission is to design, produce and commercialize innovative machines for agriculture based on autonomous robotic technologies, featuring a lower general impact on the environment than current equipment. Our objective is to become a main supplier of autonomous agriculture robotic machines in 2020, with product reputation of high reliability and ease of use.

Why we do it

Modern agriculture heavily relies on chemicals for ensuring high production. This has adverse consequences on the environment and on human health. We want to contribute to a more sustainable agriculture with the development and commercialization of smarter, lighter and more efficient agricultural machines using robotics and artificial vision technology.

Who we are

Established in 2011 by a qualified team concerned about global environment issues, our start-up gathers key competencies in machine vision, robotics and information technology to provide state of the art robotic machines suited for agriculture tasks. Our vision is to provide added value for farmers, and sustainability for our modern agriculture.

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